Hi I'm Dan

I’m a young, creative front end developer with a passion for design and a challenge based in the North East.



Edge Hill University

2015 - 2018

I completed my degree in Computer Science at Edge Hill University where I studied a wide range of interesting topics including Machine Learning and Embedded Systems. During this time I had also taken on some work alongside a freelance developer and also found out about cheerleading which I went on to compete at the world championship in Florida three times and take home the gold medal.

The Hut Group


Straight out of university I had landed myself a role as a graduate front end developer at The Hut Group which is a very large online retailer owning companies such as MyProtein. In this role I was introduced to a variety of different tools and practices that really help a large company function.


2019 - 2020

Contrary to The Hut Group, Marmalade has a much smaller dev team meaning that there is much more room for advancing technologies, impactful changes and responsibility. As a team we have worked with Gatsby, Lerna monorepos and the latest in React.


2020 - Present

After moving back up north, I joined another small dev team at Climb Creative who are part of the Precision Proco Group, a huge part of printing across the country. With this new line of business came lots of new challenges and exciting projects to work on all with a very hands on approach.


Creating a popup in React with Hooks and Context

Creating a self-closing popup can be done incredibly easily in React with just a few really helpful tools. All we’ll need to do is...

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Copy to clipboard with React

Copying text to the clipboard with JS is surprisingly easy with most browsers offering a couple of different ways to do this as seen on MDN.

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Should you delay showing the user that something is loading?

So I stumbled across quite a controversial post one day which stated that as a user when you see a loading state, you think the action is taking too long. Most of what we do on the web happens pretty quickly so what is the point in showing a loading spinner for an action that happens almost immediately.

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